A gift of health to you and the ones you love-Lairlux percussion massage gun


by Hannah Nash / July 5, 2022

Hi there! My name is Hannah. I’ve been married to my husband, Jacob, for two years and together we have a one-year-old daughter, Novalyn. Both my husband and I have a love for health and wellness so it’s been fun getting to involve our daughter in the activities we enjoy! Over the last couple years I have gotten into ultra running. The Lairlux massage gun is a perfect addition for me and my family. 

The gift of health, recovery and relaxation.

Jacob and I love running and being in the gym. We try to live an active and healthy lifestyle while still having lots of fun. Adding Lairlux massage gun to our daily routines is is must. I usually use the dampener attachment to massage my legs before and after my run as it can increase blood flow, reduce tension in muscles, and much more. Jacob has also been using it regularly after his workout to aid in his recovery before his next workout. We also love to use it before bed as a way to relax.

We have tried it on our friends and other family members and they love it and want their own! We all know someone who is into health and wellness or struggling with muscle tension from their stressful job. This Massage gun is meant for everyone!

Improve Sleep

Like I said, we love to use it before bed. Jacob suffers from restless legs and the massage gun has significantly improved his symptoms at night. Additionally, a little massage before bed can be a nice destressor. Less stress and anxiety means better sleep.

Lairlux Massage Gun has a 6 hour battery life so I don’t have to constantly charge it which I love.

I hope you enjoy the Lairlux Massage gun as much as I do!