A yoga teacher with 6 years of experience teaches you to use a massage gun for better relaxation

A yoga teacher with 6 years of experience teaches you to use a massage gun for better relaxation

by Emilie Leveille / September 16, 2022

Hi, my name is Emilie Leveille, I have been practicing yoga for 6 years. Yoga has brought me a lot of confidence, from lack of confidence at the beginning to fall in love with it, it even help me grow spiritually and feel freer.


I have some yoga skills during the 6 years and I will use the Lairlux massage gun to explain how I can do better relaxation to improve my level.


I am using Lairlux EM03-white, a very feminine massage gun. Many massage guns in the market are made to look strong and are more suitable for muscular pro athletes. But this white massage gun seems to be tailor-made for me, it is very suitable for some flexible exercise such as yoga and Pilates. It comes with a premium travel case, and I can easily take it to the yoga studio without any hassle.


Practicing yoga is a pleasurable process. My buttocks were the tensest part of my body before I met Lairlux. I usually used breathing exercise to put me into a relaxed state. It was a big surprise for me when I used the Lairlux massage gun to relax my muscles and combined with my breathing exercise. My muscles are more relaxed and my flexibility is higher!


This massage gun is equipped with 5 massage heads that are suitable for different parts, which brings me more massage experience to a large extent. Lairlux writes clearly in the user manual for the applicable parts with each massage head. I have changed the massage heads often to try which heads fit the different muscle group better. For example, I use the Dampener Head to relax my hips, and Round Head to relax my thighs with the 2nd or 3rd speed (20 total speeds). What an amazing relaxation tool!


As I've been looking for more ways to grow within my practice, I've added my new @lairlux massage gun into my yoga flows! This has been a game-changer in how much deeper I can get with my flexibility or just simply find more relaxation from the tension I hold in my shoulders and lower back. Be on the lookout for more tips and tricks as I incorporate this more into my practice!