How does ultra runner and endurance athlete use Lairlux deep tissue massage gun for recovery

How does ultra runner and endurance athlete use Lairlux deep tissue massage gun for recovery

By Bart Lee / July 21, 2022

Hi, my name is Bart Lee. I'm an ultra runner and endurance athlete. As many of you know, the sport of running is made up of multiple components that must be followed in order to be a successful runner and remain injury free. Some of these components include proper running form, a training plan, a fueling strategy, and also a recovery plan. If you choose to skip the recovery component of running, you will have a harder time building endurance and will also be more prone to injury.

Here, I'm going to teach you how to properly use this Lairlux massage gun to help you recover and maintain as you follow your training plans. This lairlux package (EM03) comes with a massage gun, a charger and five different attachments that are each built to target different areas in your recovery.

Tip 1: I like to use the u-shaped attachment to target the lower part of my leg.

Tip 2: I use the ball attachment on days that I'm extra sore. I'll turn down the speed and use this attachment. It is much softer and smoother and easy on your muscles as you are beginning a recovery from a really hard training run.

Tip 3: I prefer use the bullet attachment to target areas that are not accessible by a much wider attachment. You can use the bullet attachment for harder to reach areas, such as the muscle between your shin bone and your calf muscle.

Tip 4: I use the flat attachment for both recovery and warming up before a run. It is one of my favorite attachments. I like the flat edge as it targets multiple areas and gets the blood flowing to these areas quickly. This aids in recovery as well as preparing the muscles to get ready for a big run.

Tip 5: For areas that require more surface contact, such as the top of my thigh, I prefer the dampener attachment.

Tip 6: Adjust the speed. Depending on my level of soreness, I will turn the speed up or down. Lairlux deep tissue massage gun has 20 speeds. It simply allows you to dial in a comfort level that suits you. Whether you are treating sensitive areas or need the full power of the device, Lairlux can be controlled with simple touches on the LED screen.

A couple months ago after my 100 miles race. I left the race with a major IT band injury. For days after, it was hard to even walk. The Lairlux massage gun was an instrumental tool for helping me recover from that injury. Each day, I would use it to massage the side of my leg where my IT band was tight. As I continued to use this frequently, it enabled me to move from a painful state to where I could walk, to eventually, where I could run. Using those multiple attachments to target different areas to again loosen up my IT band was instrumental in my quick recovery. Now I'm back on my feet, thanks to Lairlux.

Recovery is such a vital part of the running sport. I've used this massage gun to help me recover from injury, prevent injury and recover from soreness from my training runs. I hope you will make recovery a big part of your running as well.