Licensed Massage Therapist's Advice for Office Workers - With Lairlux Massage Gun

Licensed Massage Therapist's Advice for Office Workers - With Lairlux Massage Gun

by Felisha Hurst / Aug 1, 2022

As a massage therapist, I see a lot of people who are working at a desk all day in a poor posture, and they're hunched over. Everything just starts to get really short. A lot of times your back hurt because you're so tight, it's just crunching and pulling in. We really need to focus on retracting our back muscles and pulling them back. Also a lot of times we need to focus more on opening up the chest. If you can't visit a massage therapist, you can use a massage gun with dampener attachment. It is fantastic to be able to open up those chest muscles, all the way to your deltoid and down to that bicep. Don’t forget to massage your traps and shoulder as well. I love to see the muscle moving because it's doing its magic. I also love using the ball attachment for bigger parts of your body. Your glutes, hamstrings all in between, is a really fantastic tool to massage around your hips.

In the meantime, you really need to focuse on your sitting posture, keeping your core engaged and strengthened. When you're sitting in your chair, roll your shoulders back and not be so hunched over. Even set an alarm on your phone. You need to check your posture, and really focus on opening up the chest and keeping it open versus closing it up. So relax, and open

6 tips for office worker

  • Improve sitting posture, open up your chest, keep your core engage and strengthened
  • Visit massage therapist
  • Use massage gun with dampener attachment: traps, shoulder and biceps
  • Use massage gun with ball attachment: glutes and hamstrings
  • Adjust masasage gun speed
  • Move your leg as you massaging your hip
  • Massage your chest, trap and spine area