EM18 Black Pro

LAIRLUX Folding Athlete Massage Gun

LAIRLUX Folding Athlete Massage Gun

LAIRLUX Folding Athlete Massage Gun


Unique rotating arm design

Lairlux EM18 folding massage gun with 180° adjustable head. The streamlined handle is ergonomically designed for easy access to any part of the body, helping relieve muscle sorene.5 professional-level massage heads are equipped with newly upgraded 10-speed levels to customize an extraordinary massage experience for you!

180° Folding Adjustable Head

All New Rotating Arm Deep Tissue Massager: EM-18 LAIRLUX all new massage gun is with a 180°adjustable head. Streamline handle with human engineering mechanics design, can reach any area of body with perfect ease that helps relieve sore muscles and stiffness.

Customized Massage Experience

Effectively relax body muscles and relieve fatigue. 5 different massage heads for different body parts and muscle groups, you can change them according to your needs. Our Fascia Gun utilizes scientific vibrations and amplitudes to wake up your muscles more effectively.

Percussion Massagers for Athletes

10 speed settings range from 1300 To 3200 Rpm to accommodate different muscle groups. 12 mm deep tissue massaging amplitude is perfect for outdoors, athletes, gymnasts, drivers and so on.

Safe &
Long-Lasting Battery

Our FDA compliant muscle massage gun is not only easy to use, but safe for everyone. The power button can automatically shutdown function after 10 minutes of operation.360-Min Continuous Use On a Single Charge: Our muscle massage gun is equipped with a large 2500mAh battery, ensuring 6 hours continuous use on a single charge.